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n.paradoxa online issues 1-21, 1996-2010

Archive of previous articles

n.paradoxa online published 21 issues between 1996 and 2010 (with the ISSN 1462-0426). The content of the online version is different from that of the print editions (ISSN 1461-0434).

In January 2010, the online pages of n.paradoxa were archived as PDFs from the old n.paradoxa website. They represent over 1000 pages of articles, interviews, manifestos, features on feminist art, contemporary women artists, feminist art theory and art history internationally.

The articles from these 21 issues of n.paradoxa (ISSN 1462-0426) are free and available to researchers to read online or to print. You can also search for material in "search articles"

Click on to open individual PDFs of articles or click on the Issue number below to read the entire issue as one PDF.

Copyright of all material in n.paradoxa lies with the authors. Please respect their copyright. None of these articles may be reproduced without permission from the publisher and the author. This includes reproduction on any other website or in any other form of digital or electronic archive or in print.

Download a PDF of complete issue :n.paradoxa online issue 1, Dec 1996

'Paint-Stripping: Feminist Possibilities in Painting After Modernism'  pp. 4-11

'Gibt es Noch Themen in der Zeitgenoissischen Kunst? Und Welche interessieren Kunstlerinnen heute?Are there still themes in Contemporary Art? And if so,which are of interest to Women Artists Today? English Translation by Frances Deepwell'  pp. 12-33

'The 17th Century Tale of Lady Liu and Lady Remington and a 20th Century Postscript'  pp. 34-45

'Uncanny Resemblances: Restaging Claude Cahun in 'Mise en Scene''  pp. 46-51

'Report on City of Women in Slovenia'  pp. 52-56

'Interview with Catherine de Zegher: Curator of Inside the Visible: An Elliptical Traverse of Twentieth Century Art,in, of, and from the feminine'  pp. 57-67

Other Archived Material

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