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KT press is a not-for-profit publishing company on feminism and contemporary art: read about us.
The founder of KT press, Feminist-Art-Observatory and editor of n.paradoxa is Katy Deepwell.

EXPLORE the Feminist Art Observatory

An international online resource about feminism and contemporary art listing round 5,000 items (books, magazines, links, organisations, theses) from the 1970s to the present. Its feminist focus is transnational and transgenerational. Search the FAO database.

LEARN more about contemporary art and feminism?

Why not try the 2 (mass open online) courses available on n.paradoxa's MOOC?

READ n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal

The 40 print volumes of n.paradoxa (ISSN: 1461-0434) contain 500+ scholarly and critical articles from 400+ women critics, art historians and artists on contemporary women artists post-1970 (visual arts only) in 80+ countries. Read archived articles from volume 1 (Jan 1998) - volume 40 (July 2017) as free open access PDFs, only available on this site.

ORDER copies of n.paradoxa print volumes from this website.

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More and different content is available in nparadoxa online [ISSN 1462-0426].
21 additional issues (1996-2010) with different content from the print journal. The last of these issues was n.paradoxa's guide to Feminist Art, Art History and Criticism