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international feminist art journal

KT press is the publisher of n.paradoxa and operates as a not-for-profit publishing company whose aim is to promote understanding of women artists and their work.

Policy of n.paradoxa

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal was published in print for 20 years bi-annually (January 1998-July 2017). It was the only international feminist art journal specialising in contemporary art and feminism with a transnational/international focus.
A total of 40 volumes, 550 articles! (ISSN: 1461-0424). It ceased publication in 2017.

Single volumes can still be purchased in print.

Libraries can order sets of the back volumes directly from KT press.

PDFs of selected articles from n.paradoxa, subject to copyright agreement with author/artists, are available online to read. Please note: all material published in n.paradoxa is copyright to authors and cannot be reproduced without permission from n.paradoxa and the authors/artists.

Find out about the editor: Katy Deepwell

Former international editorial board of n.paradoxa included Renee Baert, Silvia Eiblmayr, Joanna Frueh, Hagiwara Hiroko, Janis Jefferies, Hilary Robinson and Bisi Silva.

History of n.paradoxa

n.paradoxa began as an online journal in December 1996 (ISSN:1462-0426). The online version continued simultaneously with the print journal for 12 years with entirely separate content from the print journal. In the archive section you can read the 21 issues that were published online between 1996-2010. These represent more than 1000 pages in freely accessible PDF format!

A history of the journal is available in Volume 40 (July 2017) written by its founder and editor, Katy Deepwell.

KT press publishes books and ebooks on contemporary women artists and feminisms.

The extensive resource pages on this site are now called the Feminist Art Observatory. These resources link to many other websites and sources of information from feminist art groups and archives, feminist art publications, feminist art topics and 1000+ MA/PhDs theses on feminist art.

n.paradoxa thanks the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (2012-2014) and
the Flo Art Foundation(2011-2012) for their support.