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international feminist art journal

volume 6, July 2000  (Desire and the Gaze)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 6  pp.4 
  ''The World Wants Your Desire': Interview with Kaja Silverman' 
vol. 6  pp.5-11 
  'Jenny Holzer's Lustmord and the project of resonant criticism' 
vol. 6  pp.12-21 
  'Whose Body? Whose Desire? on Kataryna Kozyra and Orshi Drodzik' 
vol. 6  pp.22-28 
  'History Lessons' 
vol. 6  pp.29-32 
  'Who's Looking,What are They Seeing?' 
vol. 6  pp.33-39 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Textures of Memory' 
vol. 6  pp.40-43 
  'Vulva's Morphia' 
vol. 6  pp.44_46-47 
  'Secret Desires' 
vol. 6  pp.44-45 
  'Text and Sub-Text Earl Liu Gallery,LASALLE-SIA Singapore' 
vol. 6  pp.48-52 
  'Acts of Making and Embodied Margins: amour-horreur' 
vol. 6  pp.53-59 
  'All You Need is Love:interviews with Maureen Connor and Marita Liulia' 
vol. 6  pp.60-64 
  'Oriental Fantasies: New Works by Gulsun Karamustafa' 
vol. 6  pp.65-70 
  'Desire and the Gaze of Devi' 
vol. 6  pp.71-78 
  Not available in electronic form
  'What is Given to Be Seen: Lori Newdick' 
vol. 6  pp.79-87 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Performativity: Collier Schorr, Anna Gaskell, Sarah Jones' 
vol. 6  pp.88-92 
  'Book review of Catherine Elwes' Video Loupe' 
vol. 6  pp.93 
  Not available in electronic form