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international feminist art journal

volume 36, July 2015  (Humour)

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cover of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal vol.36 (July 2015)
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vol. 36  pp.4 
  '“Piss-Takes”, Tongue-in-Cheek Humor and Contemporary Feminist Performance Art: Ursula Martinez, Oriana Fox and Sarah Maple' 
vol. 36  pp.5-12 
  'Laughing Their Way to the Limelight: Ines Doujak’s Dirty Old Women' 
vol. 36  pp.13-21 
  'Artists' Pages: Not Ready to Make Nice and Still Counting' 
vol. 36  pp.22 
  'Performing Feminism ‘Badly’: Hotham Street Ladies and Brown Council' 
vol. 36  pp.23-31 
  'Three Scenes and other works' 
vol. 36  pp.32-37 
  'Venice Biennale: All The World's Futures' 
vol. 36  pp.38-41 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Mare Tralla: Self-Irony, Parody and the Absurd: Iliyana Nedkova in conversation with Mare Tralla' 
vol. 36  pp.42-49 
  'Birthing the American Absurd: Maternal Humour in Contemporary Art: Marni Kotak, Gail Rebhan, Jill Miller' 
vol. 36  pp.50-58 
  'Performative Laughter Camp and the “Cat Lady” Kristina Wong / Adrian Piper' 
vol. 36  pp.59-66 
  'Eroticism, humour and Graves: A conversation with Teresinha Soares' 
vol. 36  pp.67-73 
  'Art as an Invitation to Agency: Challenging State Patriarchy at the Site of the Body: Gao Ling and NvAi, ManYee Lam, He Chengyao' 
vol. 36  pp.74-83 
  'Teresa Art Group's Aphrodite's Girdle' 
vol. 36  pp.84-88 
  'The Mess of Getting into It' 
vol. 36  pp.89-95