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international feminist art journal

volume 35, Jan 2015  (War/Conflict)

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cover of n.paradoxa:international feminst art journal vol. 35 (Jan 2015)
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vol. 35  pp.4 
  'States of Precarity: Sandra Johnston, nichola feldman-kiss, Rehab Nazzal' 
vol. 35  pp.5-15 
  'Artists' Pages: 'all in a name'' 
vol. 35  pp.16-18 
  'Ana Vitória Mussi and Thereza Simões: Expanding Poetic Fields in Brazilian Guerrilla War Art during the Military Dictatorship' 
vol. 35  pp.19-30 
  'Mobilizing Memory: Interview with Ayse Gül Altinay and Isin Önol' 
vol. 35  pp.31-39 
  'The Female Gaze: a (re)viewing of those marked by war: Tamara Abdul Hadi, Sandra Bromley, Gertrude Kearns,and Althea Thauberger' 
vol. 35  pp.40-49 
  'Artists' Pages: 'Cold War Pieces'' 
vol. 35  pp.50-55 
  'A War on Women: Teresa Margolles’ Ciudad Juárez ' 
vol. 35  pp.56-65 
  'Susana de Sousa Dias’ 48: images that speak against themselves' 
vol. 35  pp.66-71 
  'Re-inscribing public spaces: Queering Yerevan' 
vol. 35  pp.72-75 
  '‘Ti darei un bacio’: Notes on utopia and conviviality in 'Autoritratto' by Carla Lonzi' 
vol. 35  pp.76-83 
  'Silence about Feminism and “Femininity” as an Aesthetic Value: the case of Jindrich Chalupecký’s post-1968 art theory regarding women artists' 
vol. 35  pp.84-90 
  'Accion Urgente/ Urgent Action' 
vol. 35  pp.91-93 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Money is Green Too Manifesto' 
vol. 35  pp.94-95