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international feminist art journal

volume 33, Jan 2014  (Religion)

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cover of n.paradoxa:international feminst art journal vol. 33 (Jan 2014)
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vol. 33  pp.4 
  'Yayoi Kusama: The Jewel, the Mirror and the String of Beads' 
vol. 33  pp.5-15 
  'Artists pages: 'Public Display'' 
vol. 33  pp.16 
  'Confronting Catholic Ideals: Elzbieta Jablonska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Dorota Nieznalska' 
vol. 33  pp.17-25 
  'Of Voyages and Vetiver: A Conversation with Zarina Hashmi' 
vol. 33  pp.26-31 
  'Artists Pages: 'Party for Freedom'' 
vol. 33  pp.32-37 
  'Artists Pages: 'Experimental Archaeology: Goddess Worship'' 
vol. 33  pp.38-43 
  'Artists Pages: 'as if the laws were malleable'' 
vol. 33  pp.44-47 
  'The Last Supper: Marlene Dumas, Mary Beth Edelson and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin' 
vol. 33  pp.48-56 
  'Helene Aylon in conversation' 
vol. 33  pp.57-66 
  'Almagul Menlibayeva: ‘Women always bring problems to religions...’' 
vol. 33  pp.67-72 
  'Performing Prehistory: Would you rather be a goddess or a cyborg? Cheri Gaulke and Anne Gauldin's 'Malta Project'' 
vol. 33  pp.73-84 
  'Sturtevant: On Religion/Sacrilege' 
vol. 33  pp.85-91 
  ''Female Power' (Arnhem, MMK, 2013)' 
vol. 33  pp.92-93 
  Not available in electronic form
  ''The Beginning is Always Today' (Saarlandets Museum, 2013)' 
vol. 33  pp.94-95 
  Not available in electronic form