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international feminist art journal

volume 32, July 2013  (Citizenship)

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  'Editorial (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 32  pp.4 
  'The Public and the Political in Feminist Statements: Street Actions in St. Petersburg and the Pussy Riot Case' 
vol. 32  pp.5-12 
  ''And Europe will be Stunned': Yael Bartana and JRMiP' 
vol. 32  pp.13-22 
  ' In the Space Between Bodies: Women Artists and Occupy LA' 
vol. 32  pp.23-31 
  'Views from 55th Venice Biennale' 
vol. 32  pp.32-35 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Anniversary—an act of memory' 
vol. 32  pp.36-38 
  'Suzanne Lacy: Silver Action' 
vol. 32  pp.39-45 
  'Feminist Felt' 
vol. 32  pp.46-47 
  '‘The stain is indelible’ : Rachael Romero’s The Magdalene Diaries' 
vol. 32  pp.48-58 
  'Now We See You, Now We Don’t: Women-Artists Networks in Post-dictatorship Argentina (1986-1999)' 
vol. 32  pp.59-69 
  'Xiao Lu: Dialogue, Sperm and Wedding' 
vol. 32  pp.70-76 
  'Feminism, Democracy and Participatory Net Works' 
vol. 32  pp.77-83 
  'Actionmyth, Historypanic: The entry of VALIE EXPORT’s Aktionhose: Genitalpanik into art history' 
vol. 32  pp.84-89 
  'Ilona Németh: Dilemma' 
vol. 32  pp.90-96