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international feminist art journal

volume 29, Jan 2012  (Trans-Asia)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 29  pp.4 
  'Between the Lines: Some thoughts on Sheela Gowda’s works' 
vol. 29  pp.5-13 
  'Contemporary Korean Activist and Feminist Art' 
vol. 29  pp.14-21 
  'Subversion, Culture Shock, and “Women’s Art”: An Interview with Lin Tianmiao' 
vol. 29  pp.22-31 
  'Artist's Pages: In Search of Vanished Blood' 
vol. 29  pp.32-37 
  'Artist's Pages: Music While We Work' 
vol. 29  pp.38-43 
  'Artist's Pages: OVERSEAS / at Sea' 
vol. 29  pp.44-48 
  'Breathing Between the Lines: Re-Deconstruction in Chitra Ganesh’s Tales of Amnesia' 
vol. 29  pp.49-57 
  'Artist’s Pages: Scapular Gallery Nomad: The Wonderful World of a Small Art Gallery resting on my shoulders' 
vol. 29  pp.58-61 
  'Cui Xiuwen’s Recent Work: Spiritual Realms in the Material World' 
vol. 29  pp.62-65 
  'Indonesian Women Artists make their Mark' 
vol. 29  pp.66-76 
  'Sow and Till: The Revolving Secret Garden (Reflections on a Class Project)' 
vol. 29  pp.77-82 
  'Xiaoyan Fan: Strength / Weakness' 
vol. 29  pp.83-89 
  '“Sinful Women”: Women Artists from Pakistan' 
vol. 29  pp.90-95