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international feminist art journal

volume 26, July 2010  (Feminist Pedagogies)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 26  pp.4 
  'Feminism and Art Education: from Loving Education to Education through Osmosis' 
vol. 26  pp.5-16 
  'Notes from the Front Line: Irina Aristarkhova, Suzana Milevska, Ana Martinez-Collado and Catriona Moore; Rebecca Jennison and Flaudette May Datuin; Sarah Cohen,Katrin Kivimaa,Moira Vincentelli,Peg Brand; Nancy Macko,Lourdes Mendez and Brett van Hoesen' 
vol. 26  pp.17-19, 28-29, 38-39, 76-77 
  'Opened,Closed and Opening: Reflections on Feminist Pedagogy in a UK University' 
vol. 26  pp.20-28 
  'Telling minor histories and writing theory practices: a conversation on feminist pedagogy' 
vol. 26  pp.30-37 
  'Collaboration and Conflict in the Fresno Feminist Art Program: An Experiment in Feminist Pedagogy' 
vol. 26  pp.40-51  
  'Nil Yalter: memory, migrants and workers in 1970s-1980s France' 
vol. 26  pp.52-58  
  'The Lactation Station and A Feminist Pedagogy of Touch' 
vol. 26  pp.59-65 
  'Schule fur Kreativen Feminismus in Koln (1976-1982)' 
vol. 26  pp.66-69 
  'MAWA: Successes, Crises and Issues after Twenty-Five Years of Feminist Mentoring in Canada' 
vol. 26  pp.70-75 
  'Goldrausch Kuenstlerinnenprojekt in Berlin: a network and training ground' 
vol. 26  pp.78-83  
  'Aesthetics of Addiction: Marilyn Minter and the Legacy of Female Consumer Pathos' 
vol. 26  pp.84-91 
  'Some Feminist Anthologies' 
vol. 26  pp.92-95 
  Not available in electronic form