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international feminist art journal

volume 25, Jan 2010  (Pleasure)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 25  pp.4 
  'Disruption and Delight:Dara Birnbaum's Experiments with Sensory Pleasure' 
vol. 25  pp.5-15 
  'What Keeps Mankind Alive? 11th Istanbul Biennial(2009)' 
vol. 25  pp.16-20 
  'Esther Ferrer: an interview Alba Braza' 
vol. 25  pp.21-27 
  'I'd like to become a subscriber! Feminist Art Journals in the US, 1970-1980' 
vol. 25  pp.28-35 
  'The Performances of Mette Ingvartsen:the pleasures of depersonalized bodies,bouncing trampolines and evaporated landscapes' 
vol. 25  pp.36-43 
  'Dorian: a cinematic perfume' 
vol. 25  pp.44-48 
  'Nearest Spaces and Remembered Selves Feminism and the Paintings of Emily Eveleth' 
vol. 25  pp.49-56 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Cyborgs and Pleasure: An exploration of Art Works by Liu Shih-Fen, Lin Tsai-Shuan and Kuo Hui-Chan' 
vol. 25  pp.57-64 
  'Ending the Matter without the Matter Ending: jouissance and the work of Sofia Hulten' 
vol. 25  pp.65-69 
  Not available in electronic form
  'State of play: elles@centres pompidou' 
vol. 25  pp.70-72 
  'Learning from the Dildo: Postporn Political Practices' 
vol. 25  pp.73-79 
  'And Now: Female Artists from the GDR' 
vol. 25  pp.80-82 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Bobby Baker's Diary Drawings: Mental illness and me,1997-2008' 
vol. 25  pp.83-89 
  'Gender Check at MUMOK (2009)' 
vol. 25  pp.90-93 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Book Review: Female Brickmakers in a Brave New World' 
vol. 25  pp.94-96 
  Not available in electronic form