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international feminist art journal

volume 14, July 2004  (Dreams of the Future)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 14  pp.4 
  'From Goddess to Cyborg: Lee Bul and Mariko Mori' 
vol. 14  pp.5-12 
  'Angela Dimitrakaki interviews Jenny Marketou : Flying Spy Potatoes and Hacktivism' 
vol. 14  pp.13-21 
  'Seven Deadly Desires and Power Bike, introduced by Ekaterina Iragui' 
vol. 14  pp.21-23_32-33 
  'Maternal Rites: Feminist Strategies' 
vol. 14  pp.24-31 
  'Neutralised Disclosure: Deflecting the Gaze in Contemporary Syrian Art' 
vol. 14  pp.34-43 
  'Operation Swan Lake' 
vol. 14  pp.44-48 
  'Katya Andreyeva interviews Olga Chernysheva: The Future is always an Idea' 
vol. 14  pp.49-54 
  'The Story of Another Eye: Helen Chadwick' 
vol. 14  pp.55-64 
  Not available in electronic form
  'In conversation The Danish Art Academy's 96th Anniversary: Dreams of feminist revolt in the academy' 
vol. 14  pp.65-72 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Women Artists at Dak'Art 2004: Biennial of Contemporary African Art' 
vol. 14  pp.73-79 
  'Tornadoes in a Box: Susan Silton' 
vol. 14  pp.80-89 
  'Momentum: Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art (2004)' 
vol. 14  pp.90-91 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Manifesta 5: European Art Biennial' 
vol. 14  pp.92-93 
  Not available in electronic form