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international feminist art journal

volume 13, Jan 2004  (Domestic Politics)

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  'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' 
vol. 13  pp.4 
  'Cracking the domestic collaborations among women artists' 
vol. 13  pp.5-17 
  'Still Live' 
vol. 13  pp.18-21 
  'Spaces of Memory: Photographic Practices of Home and Exile in the work of Breda Beban' 
vol. 13  pp.22-28 
  'Trautes Heim/ Cosy Home: Interviews with Pia Lanzinger, Moira Zoitl, Isa Rosenberger,Sofie Thorsen and Dorit Margreiter' 
vol. 13  pp.29-38 
  'Western: Terms of Use' 
vol. 13  pp.39-42 
  Not available in electronic form
  'Villa Mona: A Proper Kind of House and Noon with Brigitte Ryley '15th of August', a poem' 
vol. 13  pp.43-47 
  'Sitting Pretty: The Sofa as a Dis/Comfort Zone in Paintings by Chinese and Filipina Artists' 
vol. 13  pp.48-56 
  'WARSPACE: an interview with Miriam Cahn' 
vol. 13  pp.57-66 
  'Nalini Malani: Political Metaphors' 
vol. 13  pp.67-74 
  'Undoing 'homeliness' in feminist art: Feministo: Portrait of the Artist as a Housewife(1975-1977)' 
vol. 13  pp.75-83 
  'Touching Home: An Interview with May Chan' 
vol. 13  pp.84-89 
  ''I Can Be a Housewife': An Interview with Masha Chuikova' 
vol. 13  pp.90-94