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Notes:For authors' last names beginning with "A", type "A" or use the first 3 letters of their last name.
The country search uses full English names, e.g. The Netherlands, except for USA and UK and gives the country of the University only, not nationality of author or subject of their research. Dates given are the date of award of the degree and can be searched for one year at a time. The title search is limited to words used in the title, it does not provide a keyword or subject search facility. The searches are for one word only, no boolean (multiple) searches are supported.

Results of Search:

Hui-Hu Hseih (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A Study on the Imagery of Female Bodies Created by a Younger Generation of Women Artists in Taiwan
MA, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

Jean Lee Yi (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Research on Maternal Motives Reflected in Works by Contemporary Taiwanese Women Artists
MA, Taipei Municipal University of Education, Taiwan

HUA-JU Hsu (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Female Artist-Image Self Discovery on the of Life
MA, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan

Liao Suchen (2012) 
A Study of Feminist Creative Trends of Female Artists in 20th Century – From Chen Jin, Pan Yi Lang to Georgia O’Keeffe
MA, Chinese Cultural University, Taiwan

Wanxin Zhang  (2010) 
MA, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

HSU-YEN Su (2009) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A Study of Ink Paintings by artists who are women from different generation in Taiwan
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Yi Ching  Hsieh (2009) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Creation Conscious and Expression of Six Taiwanese Junior Female Artists Case Studies
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Mingqing Chen (2008) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Writing the body:Carolee Schneemann’s 'Eye Body'
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Yang Fang-chan (2008) 
(Chinese/English title) A Theatre of Operation: The Reincarnation of St. Orlan (1990-1993)--Reifying Transgression and Integration in Identity Making
PhD, National Central University Institutional Repository (NCUIR), Taiwan

Hsu Ju-Ting  (2008) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Representation and Communication: On Contemporary Feminism Visual Arts in Taiwan
PhD, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan

Chia-Chi Wang (2007) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) The woman in the house-Statement of Wang Chia-Chi
MA, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

Zhang Li  (2006) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A study of women's body-images in contemporary feminist art in Taiwan
PhD, National Changhua University, Taiwan

Shu-Hui Chang (2004) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Women’s Love and Care---Chang, Shu-Hui’s Women Art Creation
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Chiang Tsu-man  (2004) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) L'ecriture/la peinture feminine and the Comparative Literature Discourse : Dialogues between Helene Cixous and “d'autres” Women Writers/Artists in Taiwan
PhD, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

(Chinese/Eng. title) The study of the life stories that the female ceramic artist Lien, Pao — Tsai Life force in Taiwan Ceramic Social Culture
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Shuhua Lai (2002) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) The Origin of Life — The research of Pictorial Signs and Creation
MA, Taipei Teachers College, Taiwan

Bizhu Chen (2002) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) The Influence of the Education about the Appreciation of Women's Art on the Sixth-Grade Students in the Elementary School
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Manrong Wu (1999) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Identity of the Masquerade Works of Contemporary Taiwanese Female Artists
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Hsing-Ni Lin (1997) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A Study of Artist Lai, Jun Jun’s works : From Feminist Perspective
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Chang Pao-Hsing (1996) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Interpreting Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Through Art Works
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Shu Ya Tsai  (1996) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Transgression of Female Body: Female Body in the Photographic Images Made by Taiwanese Female Artists
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Tao-Yung Sun  (1994) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Gender Identity and Art Creations:Louise Bourgeois, after 1970
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Lie-Mei Wu (1993) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Female Body Image in Work of Contemporary Western Women Photographers
MA, Taipei Teachers College, Taiwan

Jui-Chi Liu (1993) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Judy Chicago's 'The Dinner Party' (1974-79)
MA, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Man-Hua Chen (1993) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Moving Between Absence and Presence: The Body Writing of Taiwanese Women's Art in the Post-Martial Law Era
MA, Tainan College of the Arts , Taiwan

Water Chang (1983) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Contemporary Women's Movement and Feminist Practices in Taiwan
PhD, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan