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Published volumes:
Ends and Beginnings
(vol 40, July 2017)
Organising/ Organisations
(vol 39, Jan 2017)
Polemics/ Contestations
(vol 38, July 2016)
(vol 37, Jan 2016)
(vol 36, July 2015)
(vol 35, Jan 2015)
Lessons from History
(vol 34, July 2014)


This is a statistical visual analysis of the database of 1000+ MA /PhDs in Feminist Art.
This database lists 1211 theses on feminist art collated from many different sources between 1974-2015. The figures for 2015 are incomplete and do not include any graduates after March 2015. The database covers 35 countries in the world.
It shows that around one third of the material is not available to access directly online i.e. that it has not yet been put in a University online repository or commercial online library/database. In some Universities and countries, deposit in University libraries and collections is mandatory for post-graduates, in others, it is entirely optional.
These charts show that the number of Universities where post-graduate research on feminism has taken place is very variable and diffuse - no University represents a strong concentration in this subject and many Universities had only one or two students completing work in this area at different times.
Only 75 books were known to have been published out of the 651 doctorates. In some countries, German and Sweden, for example, it is standard practice to publish a PhD as a book. In many other countries, including USA and UK, it takes several years for a book to be published. Post-doctoral fellowships help books get published from doctorates, but they are rare in contemporary art, let alone feminist subjects. Most people struggle to publish their book while working in another job, in or outside academia. The years between completion of thesis (pub_date) and publication of thesis (pub_date2) are variable for these reasons.
You can search the actual results by country, by date, by University and by title or author's name in the actual database. Although no subject database was made, it is possible through the title search to identify keywords and topics, especially artist's names where these are given in the title.
If you have a completed MA or PhD thesis on feminist art which was not listed, from any country or University, you are invited to add your work here.